AARC Congress 2018

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Day Tripper Voucher Package

Package includes: 4 one-day vouchers to AARC Congress 2018. Price equates to $175 per day, a savings of about 25% from the daily full-day rate for AARC members. Vouchers may be used by AARC members or nonmembers. Vouchers can be used on four different days, or all on the same day, by 1 person for 4 days, 2 people at 2 days each, or 4 people each attending one day...or any one of the many different combinations.

Vouchers may be used at any time during AARC Congress 2018. Vouchers are fully transferable by the purchaser or within the purchasing company, and are not specific to a day of the event or to an individual. Registration for specific names and dates is not required in advance. The attendee simply brings the voucher to the Onsite Registration counter upon arrival.

To Purchase a Day Tripper package please click on the following link:  Day Tripper Package

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